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Kinetic Theory of Gases: A Brief Review

Michael Fowler 6/5/08

Bernoulli's Picture

Daniel Bernoulli, in 1738, was the first to understand air pressure from a molecular point of view. He drew a picture of a vertical cylinder, closed at the bottom, with a piston at the top, the piston having a weight on it, both piston and weight being supported by the air pressure inside the cylinder. He described what went on inside the cylinder as follows: “let the cavity contain very minute corpuscles, which are driven hither and thither with a very rapid motion; so that these corpuscles, when they strike against the piston and sustain it by their repeated impacts, form an elastic fluid which will expand of itself if the weight is removed or diminished…&rdqu ... Read more »

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How Relativity Connects Electric and Magnetic Fields

Michael Fowler, University of Virginia

A Magnetic Puzzle…

Suppose we have an infinitely long straight wire, having a charge density of electrons of –λ coulombs per meter, all moving at speed v to the right (recall typical speeds are centimeters per minute) and a neutralizing fixed background of positive charge, also of course λ coulombs per meter.  The current in the wire has magnitude I = λv (and actually is flowing to the left, since the moving electrons carry negative charge). 

Suppose also that a positive charge q is outside the wire, a distance r from the axis, and this outside charge is moving at the sam ... Read more »

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Remarks on General Relativity

Michael Fowler 
University of Virginia

Einstein’s Parable

In Einstein’s little book Relativity: the Special and the General Theory, he introduces general relativity with a parable.  He imagines going into deep space, far away from gravitational fields, where any body moving at steady speed in a straight line will continue in that state for a very long time.  He imagines building a space station out there - in his words, “a spacious chest resembling a ... Read more »

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official trailer for Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation

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