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The daredevil pilots of Colombia - the vintage Douglas DC-3 plane

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A tribute to those who have the similar experience! This clip could be recorded in early 2011, in Colombia.Pilots fly through storms over the jungle along one of the most perilous air routes in the world to deliver supplies.It is one of the most perilous air routes in the world. Colombian pilots fly through storms in decrepit planes over dense forests to deliver food and goods to villagers isolated from the rest of the world.Jumping off point is Villavicencio, a city in the foothills of the Andean Cordillera. The destination is any one of the number of native Indian villages scattered throughout the jungle, cut off from civilisation.The plane's arrival in the villages is a major event. It stops here only once or twice a month, its cargo comprising vegetables, beds, dogs, chicken, TV sets.In Colombia, Douglas DC-3s plane operate more like rural buses.Somewhere over Colombia, high above the Amazonian rainforest near the borders with Brazil, an old Douglas DC-3 prop plane is caught in a violent tropical storm.No visibility. Radio silence. Undoubtedly flight 30-37 is in trouble. Captain Raul tries to stabilise the twin-engine plane to bypass the worst of the storm.For more info on this, follow this link -

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